4 Reasons why you should join the Customer Advocacy Program

Many customers are unaware of the new Customer Advocacy Program (CAP) and the incredible benefits it offers. By joining CAP, you have the opportunity to network with peers, gain early access to new Concur products and features, and provide thought leadership through Concur marketing channels.


Here are four reasons why you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to innovate with others in the industry and have a voice inside of Concur:


1. Exclusive opportunities to network with other Advocates and industry analysts.


Customer Advocacy Program members had the opportunity to join us in our VIP lounge at the Bulls game during Fusion this year. Like Fusion 2017, we will continue to offer fun networking events throughout the remainder of the year, so you can mingle with peers and exchange best practices while relaxing and enjoying unique and exciting social events.


2. Joining now gives you a chance to help determine how we change as we grow.


The Customer Advocacy program offers access to a community of people who are committed and willing to help each other as well as influence Concur product evolution. By joining our program in its infancy, you inevitably have a big voice in spend management industry innovation.


You can share your success story as well as help us learn what we should focus on to add value to your Concur experience.


3. You will have the chance to participate in BETA programs.


How exciting would it be to play a leading role in the next industry invention? Being a part of the Customer Advocacy Program means you get to participate in our Concur BETA program and testing to help influence the Concur offerings as well as influence the process in which we interact with clients.


4. Free publicity for your company positions you as a thought leader.


By sharing your unique story with Concur and other customers, you help shape future products and processes as well as play an active role in the industry digital transformation. Your company can get free publicity as a contributor and specialist in the travel, expense and invoice management industries.


Inspire our open platform with value-added partners, participate in case studies, videos and more. You may even be recognized as an innovator and win an award at Fusion in front of thousands of peers!


The Concur Customer Advocacy program is one of the latest and greatest ways we hope to provide value to our customers. Join today to invent tomorrow.

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