3 Tools Today’s Small Businesses Shouldn’t Overlook

Finding tools that can help you and your employees run your business more efficiently and effectively and with greater satisfaction shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt. Sometimes, it just takes an experienced partner to identify them for you on the SAP Concur solution you already run on day-to-day.

In today’s digital world, high-performing businesses are constantly expanding their knowledge base to meet the needs of clients and employees alike against the backdrop of an ever-evolving digital landscape. And learning ways to become even more agile and scale for growth quickly and efficiently so you can continue to focus more time where it matters most becomes a critical organizational strategy.

Let’s explore three solutions from SAP Concur that will immediately increase your small business’s productivity by efficiently controlling your cash flow, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, mitigating fraud risk, and empowering your workforce with instant-access mobile apps.


Audit Services

With Audit Services, by bringing human auditors and AI together, businesses can feel more confident in their ability to identify misuse, waste, and noncompliant spend. By using Concur Audit, the depth, breadth, and granularity of your business’s spend data that’s captured also provides you with the ability to enforce or adapt your policies much more simply and fluidly and in real time.


SAP Concur reporting solutions

The level of spend data that’s captured when you use SAP Concur solutions is paramount to the power of the reporting functionality of the system itself. Because all your discretionary spend data is on the same platform, spend analytics are easy to access and simple to visualize.

Capturing important, actionable data and information with powerful imbedded analytical tools will help you to optimize your business and drive a higher level of performance across the organization. Leverage the right reporting tools for your business and start your journey in to more transparent, insightful, and actionable reporting today!


SAP Concur App Center connections

SAP Concur solutions give you a single source of truth for your discretionary spend. But did you also know that it can also greatly enhance the experience of all your employees across the business?

Advanced technologies move supplier invoices and employee expenses quickly and easily through the system and spend reimbursements almost write themselves. Simply put, mobile app connectivity can save time and expense, which in turn makes your staff more productive by reducing and distributing workflows across all areas of your business, not just the finance team. And as an added benefit, you can leverage the powerful ecosystem of App Center partnerships to connect your workforce to the world’s most popular enterprise applications, travel brands and rewards programs too, giving your employees a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives and at work.

Download the SAP Concur mobile app on the App Store or on Google Play.

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