3 Tips to Improve Your Small Business

Small business people are an amazing lot: Full of vigor, ideas, and a corresponding strong work ethic They rarely let obstacles stand in their way. But that said, there is no shortage of obstacles, eh? If it’s not employees calling in sick, it’s lack of money for marketing. If it’s not the bite of the taxman, it’s not enough time in the day.

So that’s where your pal Steve comes in.

What I love about working with Concur is that we are on the same wavelength – I see it as my job to make your job easier, and in a nutshell, that’s what Concur is all about as well. So in that vein, I want to share three simple, affordable ideas that you can implement today that can do just that – make your business easier, more effective, and/or more profitable.

1. Add a blog and some social media buttons to your website: First, let’s start with the blog. Yes, I know, there are a gazillion blogs out there, but there should be a gazillion and one. You need to have a blog if you don’t already.

What’s in it for you? Plenty. Adding a well-placed blog to your website costs almost nothing but doing so can be very powerful for:

  • Gaining easy feedback from customers

  • Becoming and looking more friendly and accessible

  • Adding rich and relevant content for improved SEO (my blog gets me more hits and higher search engine rankings than almost anything else I do)

  • Listing deals and specials

  • Boosting revenue

After that, link your blog to your social media so that every time you blog, your social media outposts get updated. Before you know it, you will have a much greater online presence.

2. Hand address sales letter envelopes: Pitches and letters that are addressed by hand are far more likely to be opened. I would add that envelopes with something chunky or bulky inside (a keychain, pen, or other doodad) also greatly increases the likelihood that the envelope will be opened.

Once they open the letter, it’s up to you. Like the Godfather said, make them an offer they can’t refuse!

3. Show your love to your best customers: We all know the customer comes first (or close to it). But especially in tough times, it is vital to not only treat your best customers well, but actually cultivate and renew those relationships. Customers who feel loved and appreciated will be far less likely to leave, even if a competitor may be cheaper.

Send them a personal note, or a check-in by email. Call and say hello. Offer them a special deal. Drop them a coupon for loyal customers only. Treat your best customers as if, well, they are your best customers!

These are just a few tips that I find make small businesses more effective. What ideas have been working for you? Share and let me know.

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