3 Habits of Highly Relaxed Road Warriors

In a world of constant connectedness, some business travelers are looking for ways to unplug, unwind and balance the personal with the professional. Mobile devices have increased the opportunity and demand to work from anywhere, anytime, but technology also makes it easy to take a digital detox by literally turning “off.”

So what are some ways road warriors find balance, take downtime or relax on the road, even on the clock?


#1: Work and play


According to new research by American Express Global Business Travel, two-thirds of American business travelers say they have extended a business trip in order to take a personal vacation in the past year. Taking a “bleisure” (business + leisure) trip is a good way to connect with friends and loved ones. But it’s also a good opportunity to take some well-deserved alone time in a new city, or a beloved, familiar one.


#2: Unplug up in the air


Recharging your batteries doesn’t necessarily require a weekend away. In fact, 61% of business travelers say they look forward to disconnecting in flight, instead taking time to read a book, get some sleep or unwind with a movie. Using the flight time to take a real break from work and take a digital detox – even if it’s only for a few hours.


#3: Stretch, move and drink (water)


Maintaining mental and physical health outside the office is central to road warrior nirvana. The survey reports 48% of frequent travelers stretch on a plane, while 44% make the most of the hotel gym. Hydration is also a key element to healthy living, and 7 out of 10 happy business travelers say they drink extra water on the road.

Road warriors in the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia report traveling just as often, and some more frequently, than they did last year. But in 2013, more road warriors are unwinding, unplugging and moving closer to that ultimate equilibrium between work and life.

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