200 interns, 19 bikes, 1 cause

These aren't just interns, these are 200 of the brightest minds of the next generation: we’ve selected the top 200 students out of nearly 20,000 applicants to join us for an impactful summer. And they got an early start; on their first day with us, our interns spent their afternoon diligently building bikes for foster kids. 

In all transparency, they didn't really get a choice. When they accepted their internship offer, they agreed to participate in the Internship Experience Project (iXp), including attending the iXp Summit, and building bikes as part of a philanthropic team-building activity. BUT they did have a choice: to participate begrudgingly or to engage with enthusiasm and passion. 

As I listened to the laughter and words of encouragement exchanged between new friends, I was reminded that we don't just hire students who are smart and get the job done – we hire students who find success through collaboration, innovation, and devotion to something bigger than the task at hand. We hire students who ‘get’ us. They understand that we're about the journey, not just the destination. They get that their peers are the allies to their success. They know that this activity is about much more than building a bike – it's about being an active member of a team, and more importantly, an active member of the community. 

Rewind to a few hours earlier during Q&A with our keynote speakers: Neil Charney, SVP of BNA, and Mark Nelson, CTO of Concur. They spoke on the future of how business is conducted and the future of technology, making profound claims and sharing their insights as industry-wide thought leaders. During that session, this question surfaced from one of our interns: "How do you use your role to do good in the world?" That’s exactly the mindset we want here at Concur, and these students are eager to help us make a difference.

Our interns are working on highly impactful projects this summer; some will be shipping code to millions of users, others will be building campaigns and initiatives throughout the business. 

We invest in interns because when we talk about the future of business and technology, we’re talking about a future that rests in their hands.

It brings me comfort to know that the future is in the hands of a generation that is not only tech-savvy and curious, but one of strong character and commitment to making the world a better place. 

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