10 Ways to use mobile marketing to grow your sales and revenues

Truth: While most of the Fortune 500 is deep into mobile marketing, many small to midsized businesses remain on the sidelines when it comes to leveraging the platform.

The biggest challenge many have with mobile marketing is how to plan and launch a successful campaign. If you’re still sitting on the mobile sidelines, you’re missing significant opportunities for business growth.

  • Mobile messages get attention. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

  • Mobile searches drive results. 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, with more than 50% resulting in a sale.

  • Mobile advertising outperforms. Mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than online ads for key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent.

Truth: You can use mobile marketing to grow your sales and revenues, and here are some ideas how.

Use a Mobile Website Grader to Find Out How Your Mobile Site Stacks Up.

See how well your website performs on mobile devices with analysis tools that provide personalized reporting.

Recommended tools: HubSpot’s Marketing Grader or BlueTrain Mobile’s Mobile Grader.

Optimize Your Mobile Website with Mobile-Specific Keywords. Add keywords people will be searching for in your content. By adding location-based keywords to your mobile website or your mobile blog you’re targeting the mobile visitor, which ultimately drives customers to your door.

Application: A cupcake shop has a blog. In addition to using “Cupcake Shop” they also use “Cupcake Shop Locations,” “Cupcake Shop on Maple Street,” and “Cupcake Shop in 92101 Zip Code.”

Create a Mobile Survey Using TwtPoll. Keep an audience engaged at live events, trade shows and conferences by creating an online survey with TwtPoll. Ask the audience to open their mobile web browsers and take the survey. Instantly share the live results on the screen for the audience to see.

Update Your Local SEO to Show Up on Smartphone Maps. It’s possible some of your clients will eventually come by your office for a visit. When they do, what’s the first thing they’re going to do when they get in their car to drive to meet you? Open Google Maps on their smartphone to get your location. Surprisingly, many companies haven’t taken the time to confirm their listing in Google Maps or other local SEO platforms.

Recommended tool: Moz Local has an easy-to-use tool to confirm if you’re showing up or tools you can use to make sure you do.

Use SMS at Trade Shows to Attract More Traffic. Use SMS (text messaging) to engage people at the trade show and drive them to your booth. Once trade show attendees have connected with your company via SMS, you can send them additional messages about special offers or promotions in the future.

Keep Prospects In-Store with Barcode Scan Promotions. Tired of having prospective customers enter your store, look at the merchandise, then go home to order it on Amazon? It’s called the Showroom Effect, and one way to combat it is to provide customers who have downloaded your app a special discount when they scan a barcode on certain items.

Tip: Don’t offer a discount on all items, just ones they can order online.

Use Mobile Paid Search to Connect with Prospects. Studies show that more than 50% of all searches are now done via smartphone. Are you leveraging that for your business? Many technology companies, accounting firms, and other B2B companies are leveraging mobile paid search because their competitors have overlooked it. Are you using mobile paid search to attract prospects to your business? If not, now is a great time to get started.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Your Mobile Promotions. Research indicates that putting a time limit on coupons drives up redemption. So, if you’re going to run a promotion on foursquare, then you’ll want to use phraseology like “limited time offer” or “expires soon” as part of the promotion

Send a Mobile Display Ad to People within a 5-Mile Radius of Your Office or Location. Mobile display ads are a lot of fun because you can use geo-locational technology to target people within a certain radius of your office. It’s perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and even professional services firms that want to have a big presence in their local community.

Application: Ask your ad agency or your mobile ad network to do a geo-locational overlay on your next campaign. (If they know what they’re doing, they’ll take care of it for you.)

Create a Bounce-Back Coupon. It’s one thing to provide a mobile coupon to customers who are in your store, but it’s even better to provide one that encourages them to come back for another visit at a later time. Bounce-back coupons are a great way to generate repeat visits.

No matter which of these you decide to use, all of them are designed to generate a positive ROI for your business, but why stop there?  

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