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Business travel that benefits everyone

A balancing act

If you’re managing corporate travel, it’s difficult to balance company needs around cost reduction, risk mitigation, policy compliance, duty of care management and meet your travelers’ demands while making it simple.

How do you view travel?

Whether Travel Manager is your “official” title or just falls somewhere on your to-do list, the task of managing company travel programs isn’t easy. Employees enjoy a bounty of mobile tools to make travel effortless. Easy for them, sure. But what about you?

Mobile is mandatory

Gain control in a new world of travel

If business travelers don’t know your policies, and you don't see spend until after it happens, how much control can you really have on your budget? Make it easy with built-in alerts and messaging to minimize overspending on airfare and hotels while providing guidance on high-risk areas, travel visa requirements, local tips and more.

Capture invisible spend

How much travel is booked outside of your corporate travel system? By connecting every part of your travel ecosystem, you can capture invisible spend to help you control your costs, contain your risk and be ready for what comes next.

Duty of Care

You care about your employees and would do anything to minimize their personal risk when weather events, earthquakes, political or labor disputes happen. How quickly can you identify and reach employees who are traveling to or in an affected area?

Satisfies the demands of the traveler

  • Mobile apps designed for business on the go
  • Single view of itinerary details
  • Easy to see what is in or out of, policy
  • Destination travel guidelines, advisory emails and messages

Satisfies the needs of the company

  • Visibility into your total travel spend
  • Ability to influence and guide employees at the point of spend
  • Easily focus efforts on policy exceptions
  • Locate and communicate with employees in real time