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Insight into every dollar of spend

Better business decisions

Finance leaders know that employees have more purchasing power than ever before, making it hard to control costs and cash flow. Concur helps companies gain better control over their total spend while reaping the rewards of improved productivity, insight and savings.

Visibility into spend

You depend on data to manage finances, but often supplier and employee payables are not processed or available until after spend occurs—impacting your ability to make proactive decisions. Demand more. Get consolidated, accurate spend data as soon as it's captured.

Easier compliance and control

Tax tracking and recovery

Keeping track of taxes to ensure strict rules are followed, interest fees and penalties are avoided is tedious. Concur takes care of tracking taxes for you. Tax specialists appreciate the rigor and complete tracking for both compliance and maximum recovery of VAT, GST and others.

Productivity is never an accident

You cannot mandate productivity. Instead you must provide the tools to let people become their best. Inefficient paper-based processes bog down employees, increase errors and delays that impact your cash flow and business agility. Automating spend gives you greater visibility, as soon as it happens giving you more time to focus on the big picture.

Integrate your systems

Technology should be seamless and effortless. That's why Concur offers connectors to help you leverage the data in your financial, ERP, HR and other business-critical systems for better visibility, eliminate errors, delays, manual exports and duplicate work. Find new ways to use the data you already have to gain better control, save time and money.

Finance leaders love it!

  • Complete view of spend
  • Built-in compliance and controls
  • 3 way match of payables
  • Integration with other systems
  • Scale without adding headcount

Finance teams love it too!

  • Streamlined, paperless process
  • Built-in policy enforcement, audit trail and accountability
  • Alerts for targeted reviews
  • Self-service supplier portal