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Expense reports that write themselves

Yes, you read that right

Expense reports that write themselves. There is such a thing! The expense process just got a whole lot simpler for everyone involved. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and toss those receipts. There is an easier solution for expense management, so you can get back to business.

It’s not just about receipts

Painless expense reports

Sound too good to be true? Concur makes booking, managing and filing business expenses simple. Expenses are automatically added to your report, coded and matched to credit card statements as they happen. Simply review and submit. Click play to see it in action.

Smarter, more efficient companies

  • Visibility gives management more control over budgets and cash flow
  • Transaction costs associated with processing reports are reduced by 55%
  • Ability to influence and guide employees at or before the point of spend
  • Staff gets more done with less and can scale without adding headcount
  • Connected spend and partner data reveals powerful business insights

Happier, more productive employees

  • Staff recovers 6.75 days of expense-related work each year using Concur
  • Easy to see what’s in and out of policy
  • Traveler-friendly apps make chores like mileage and tax tracking a breeze
  • Paperless process means nothing gets lost, faster approvals and reimbursements