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Preparing for a business trip

Booking your travel

Your manager has approved your trip and it's now time to book your flights, accommodations and ground transportation. With your preferences, reward programs and company policies integrated, the process is simple—in the office or on-the-go.

Make work less work

Let's face it, business travel involves more than an eight-hour work day. The last thing you want are itinerary hiccups or time-consuming, tedious tasks. Our App Partners make it easy to keep you informed, organized and in control. Flight delayed? Review and approve expense reports while you wait. Work smarter, not harder.

Goodbye paper receipts

Tired of dealing with paper and digital receipts? Concur automatically captures details from your receipts as they are created. Your expense claim practically writes itself - saving you time and hassle.

Click. Done.

When your trip is complete, finishing your expense report is a snap with expenses captured and categorized as they happened. Simply review then submit—no more spreadsheets, taping and stapling receipts, or trying to match client names with receipts.

Get reimbursed faster

Your trip is over, your expenses are submitted and approved. With Concur, you are reimbursed in days rather than weeks.

Business travel made easy

  • Expense reports that write themselves
  • Mobile apps designed for business on the go
  • No more paper receipts
  • Faster reimbursement

Increased efficiency for organizations

  • Visibility into spend before it happens
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Built in policies make compliance easy
  • Happy, more productive employees