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Experience SAP Concur Fusion Exchange online for free

We’ve taken our Fusion Exchange roadshow virtual to our customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico!

Join us on this digital journey and experience SAP Concur Fusion Exchange in a virtual environment at your convenience. Access the content now!

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Why you should watch

We will emerge from this time stronger together. Businesses across the globe are re-examining who they are, what they stand for, and how they do what they do – making changes and coming out on the other side better than before. SAP Concur is committed to you and helping your business run at its best.

Our SAP Concur Fusion Exchange event focuses on how businesses like yours are navigating through change and how you can help your organization adapt. We bring you the latest on reporting strategies, redesigning your policies, managing fraud, and preparing for the return to travel.

Note: the on demand content is complimentary.

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Get inspired

During our keynote, explore the concept of a disruptive mindset shift with Sekou Andrews, the world’s leading Poetic Voice, who is back by popular demand.

Expand your knowledge

Gain new insights to reporting strategies, redesigning your policies, and overcoming business challenges.

Build your network

Join the SAP Concur Community to meet new colleagues! Share your stories and tell us what you want to hear.

Discover new perspectives

Hear how your peers are adapting to the changes of today’s world and preparing for the future.

Find your perfect partner

Discover how SAP Concur partners can help you achieve more in our quick overview sessions (session descriptions are below) and our virtual partner showcase.

Get your questions answered

Bring your most pressing questions to our “Ask the Expert” sessions to get immediate answers from SAP Concur solutions consultants.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Valerie (Val) Blatt joined SAP Concur in January 2020 as the Business Head and General Manager of the global Small to Medium-sized Business (SMB) division. In this role, Val leads a sales organization of nearly 1,000 employees throughout North America, EMEA, and APAC. Prior to leading the SMB team, Val spent 14 years with SAP Ariba. During her tenure with SAP Ariba, she ran the Ariba Network team and most recently served as Global Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Services. Val holds a BA in English from Westminster College, Pennsylvania. During her time at Westminster, Val studied abroad, igniting her passion for global business. She and her husband Andy make their home just outside of Pittsburgh with their two children, Aiden and Ashton.
Sekou Andrews is the CEO of SekouWorld, Inc. and one of the most successful spoken word poets in the world. On any given day, this school-teacher turned artist and entrepreneur, who built a 7-figure company on poetry, can be found keynoting at a Fortune 500 company, inspiring thousands at a concert, or performing for Barack Obama in Oprah’s backyard. Sekou is the creator of “poetic voice” – a cutting-edge speaking category that seamlessly fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry, like “Hamilton” meets “TED”. His unique presentations are in high demand from leading associations and global brands like Google, Viacom, Toyota, Nike, and Paypal. He has been featured on ABC World News, CBS, MSNBC, HBO, Showtime, MTV and BET, and Forbes has called him “the de facto poet laureate of corporate America.” Sekou’s accomplishments include two National Poetry Slam championships, two national poetry tours, two Independent Music Awards, three Helen Hayes Awards, the most “Just Plain Folks” music awards in history, the 2020 ABA “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, and the first “Best Spoken Word Album” Grammy nomination for a poet in 30 years. A fearless disruptor of the speaking industry, Sekou also teaches rockstar secrets to public speakers through his Stage Might™ speaker training system that helps leaders become more dynamic communicators. Combining innovation and inspiration, Sekou Andrews is redefining the notion of what a speaker is, and what a poet can be.
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Breakout sessions

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Partner up

Discover how partners can help you

Interested in learning more about the SAP Concur Partner Ecosystem?

We'll help you find the right partner for your company's specific needs in our mini-series sessions listed below.

Partner up

Learn more about the SAP Concur Partner Ecosystem and how partners can help your company during these sessions:

Finding the Right Partner: SAP Concur App Center

SAP Concur App Center Partners build integrated services to SAP Concur solutions to solve your business challenges. Learn how our partner solutions can drive costs out of your T&E program, solve global compliance requirements, enhance employee experience, and more.

Finding the Right Partner: SAP Concur Financial Services

SAP Concur Financial Services Partners provide solutions that integrate with Concur Invoice and Concur Expense solutions, allowing you to track every payment, gain better control and visibility into spend, and increase card adoption. We'll share our top considerations when selecting a partner and benefits of working with an SAP Concur Financial Services Partner for invoice payment optimization and bank card program spend management needs.

Finding the Right Partner: Travel Management Company

SAP Concur Travel Management Company (TMC) Partners are an essential part of every Concur Travel transaction. TMCs help Concur Expense customers gain better visibility into total travel spend by providing critical online and offline/agent travel transaction data. Whether you're working with a TMC or are new to managed travel, discover how TMC partners can help you maximize your investment in Concur Travel and Expense solutions.

Finding the Right Partner: SAP Concur Service Partners

SAP Concur Service Partners provide implementation and client-side services to help you drive rapid ROI, increased productivity, and better adoption in your T&E programs. We'll share our top considerations when selecting a partner and benefits of working with an SAP Concur Service Partner for implementation, integration, and policy optimization requirements.

How to access the content on demand

The on demand content is open to SAP Concur customers, prospects, and partners

Replay the sessions from Fusion Exchange here

All sessions are delivered in English and select sessions are available in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

SAP Concur Fusion Exchange is an opportunity to share new ideas and best practices throughout the year – to help organizations run at their best – while connecting our customers and partners with a network of peers.”

Chris Juneau
Chief Marketing Officer
SAP Concur

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The speakers are engaging and the sessions are informative. I was impressed by the presentations, customer base, and attention to detail. I was able to speak openly with other customers and SAP Concur employees about some challenges my company is experiencing and problem solve with them. Thank you SAP Concur for doing it right year after year!”

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