Create a healthy financial process with SAP Concur Solutions

Improve financial process oversight and efficiency

Build upon the foundation your organization has already established. Achieve your desired outcomes and support the creation of a healthy financial process including:

  • Audit efficiently through a combination of human power and technology
  • Reduce instances of fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Increase the quality, accuracy, and speed of receipt review
  • Improve mileage reporting accuracy , and efficiency
  • Enhance you solution

Finance’s role on the road to digital transformation

Finance is an art – how you balance reducing unnecessary spend without slowing down the business is indicative of that. Learn how automating additional back-office processes for travel and expenses can get financial programs on the road to digital transformation

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Adopting SAP Concur solutions has allowed Smith & Nephew to remove manager expense approval while increasing compliance with expense policies. Even with no manager approval, use of SAP Concur AI solutions increased expense review accuracy from 77% to 98%.”

Jorge Monge
T&E Lead
Smith & Nephew

Discover a better way to handle spend management for your enterprise organization


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