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Get setup for success with TripLink

United Airlines


Sign the United PRISM eDRA and Enter Your TripLink Discount Code.

If you do not have negotiated rates with United, skip to Step Two. Optimizing your system is still important!

  • Contact your United sales rep to sign the United eDRA to ensure that your trips are sent to PRISM.
  • Enter your ATPCO fare filing rate code into the TripLink Discount Code field in Concur to get your negotiated rates on
  1. Click on "Administration"
  2. Click on "Travel System Admin"
  3. Select, “Manage Corporate Discounts,” from the options on the left of the screen.

Setup your travel policy for TripLink bookings.

    Apply travel policy to bookings made directly on by travelers who ahve linked their Concur and United MileagePlus accounts. Refer to the TripLink User Guide, Section 3: Configuration," starting on page 26, for complete instructions on settting up TripLink policy rules. For a video, click here. For a video, click here.

Prepare your travelers.

    Travelers need to be “connected” in order to get your negotiated rates on and to get their bookings sent back to Concur. To get connected, they need to enter their UnitedMileage Plus number into their Concur Travel Profile and enroll in My Travel Network.

    Here’s the way it works: As soon as United Airlines is available on the TripLink supplier network (this goes for all TripLink suppliers), all travelers with a United MileagePlus number stored in their Concur Travel Profile, and who are enrolled in My Travel Network will automatically be connected! This is an ongoing sync. So, travelers can update their info in Concur or add their MileagePlus number and enroll in My Travel Network any time. Travelers will receive a confirmation email from Concur that indicates if their connection was successful.

    Communicate to your travelers to ensure they are connecting United and Concur. This is a lot to explain to your travelers. We get it. So, we created email templates and messages to help you get your point across. Check out traveler resources here:
Questions & Support

  • Your travelers may ask you questions. Here’s an FAQ with all of the answers.
  • Travelers can confirm that they are connected in the United App Center Listing.
  • Learn more about the entire TripLink solution here.
  • If you need help with any of the steps above, please contact your Concur client executive, support administrator or email .