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TripIt Pro

Instantly organize all your travel plans in one place.

TripIt Pro is the travel app that keeps up with you.

TripIt Pro organizes your travel plans in one place for you to access anytime, on any device. Whether it’s the trip that lands the next big deal or a family vacation, TripIt Pro has you covered with features that keep you one step ahead.

If your company has invested in TripLink, you’ll get a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro. Just connect your Concur account with you TripIt account and any trip you designate as “business” will be available to you in Concur.

Real-time alerts

Get notified of flight delays and cancellations with push notifications and email alerts from TripIt Pro.

Alternative flight solutions

TripIt Pro keeps you ahead of the curve – and out of the customer service line – if your flight has been delayed or canceled.

Seat updates

Don’t get stuck in the middle seat. Get alerted if that coveted aisle seat becomes available.

Manage all your rewards

You’re racking up points and miles with a number of reward programs. TripIt Pro keeps track of them for you.

Refund alerts

TripIt Pro monitors your booking, and if your fare might be eligible for a refund, you’ll get notified automatically.

Share plans with others

You’re on the road a lot. TripIt Pro makes it easy for your colleagues and family to know where you are.

In the know, on the go

The TripIt app is right there with you where you go.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TripLink?

TripLink helps employees and their companies manage travel across every booking channel by capturing and integrating itineraries into Concur, even when travelers book directly with suppliers. Using TripLink, organizations can apply policy in advance of the trip, while gaining complete program visibility, reporting, duty-of-care and audit capabilities for reservations. Travelers increase productivity via the use of robust booking options, industry-leading mobile applications for itinerary management, and streamlined expense reporting.

How do I know if I have TripLink?

Please contact your Travel Manager to see if your company has invested in TripLink.

Can I un-enroll from TripLink?

Yes. By un-enrolling in My Travel Network, you stop any new connections to your reward accounts. You can remove the existing connections between your Concur account and the TripLink partners with whom you have established a reward account by visiting the Concur App Center.

What is TripIt Pro?

TripIt Pro has all the organizing power of TripIt, plus additional features for stress-free travel: flight alerts, alternate flights, seat tracker and VIP benefits.

How do I know if I have a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro?

If your company has TripLink, then you have a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro. To check if you’re eligible, contact your company’s Travel Manager.

What are the benefits of TripIt Pro?

TripIt Pro helps reduce the stress of business travel: You’ll know when your flight is delayed or canceled, you can search for available seats on alternate flights, and you can track all the reward points you rack up with point tracker.

How do I use TripIt Pro?

First, connect your Concur account with a new or existing TripIt Pro account. Then, download the TripIt app. You’ll see trips booked through Concur in TripIt, along with your other travel plans, all organized in a single itinerary.

Can I use TripIt Pro for my personal travel?

Yes, you can use TripIt Pro for personal travel and family vacations. When your plans have been added into TripIt Pro, simply uncheck “Business” (if checked) to prevent your travel plans from going into your Concur account. If you see a trip in your Concur account Trip Library already that is personal, click the “Mark as Personal” link to have it removed from Concur only.

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