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Concur has you covered

From itinerary management to itemized expense reporting, Concur gives you the tools to simplify travel from start to finish and helps you stay within policy.

Starting is as easy as




Starting is as easy
as 1, 2, 3


Step 1: Enroll in My
Travel Network

Enrolling in My Travel Network helps you say goodbye to paper receipts from participating vendors and finish expense reports faster.


Step 2: Add Frequent
Traveler Accounts

Connecting your profile to your frequent traveler accounts allows everything to be organized in Concur.


Step 3: Connect to
TripIt Pro

Downloading the TripIt app lets you access your travel plans anytime, anywhere–whether it’s a business trip, family vacation, or quick weekend getaway.

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Make every
trip your best trip

As a part of your managed travel program, Concur gives you full support with great benefits before, during, and even after you travel. Experience streamlined business travel by completing a few simple actions. Learn more on our SAP Concur Traveler Resources page.

Before your trip

Before you travel, My Travel Network helps you manage and organize frequent traveler accounts. Easily add frequent traveler accounts to keep your Concur profile up-to-date. Check out these guides for an overview.

Receipts from participating vendors flow straight into Concur Expense

Stay compliant with your company’s travel policy

Expenses from participating vendors itemized for you

Enroll and add frequent traveler accounts to your Concur profile.

During your trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, TripIt Pro keeps you one step ahead with notifications about gate changes, delays, and when a new seat becomes available. The savviest travelers pay to use TripIt Pro, but you have it as a benefit of your company. Activate your complimentary subscription of TripIt Pro. Learn how.

Organize your travel plans by forwarding confirmation emails to

Download the app to receive flight alerts, easily search for alternate flights, and more

Know when to leave for the airport with the Go Now feature

After your trip

Your trip might have ended, but Concur isn’t done helping you. If you’ve enrolled in My Travel Network and added frequent traveler accounts, you will see receipts from your trip waiting for you in Concur Expense. Review, edit, and submit your report with just a few clicks.

Deal with less paperwork and fewer receipts

Have receipts from participating vendors itemized for you

Save time and effort with simplified expense reporting


Step 1: Enroll in My Travel Network