Task Manager

Streamline workflows, optimize performance, and help agents do their best work quickly.

Set agents and their organizations up for success

Every day, operational inefficiencies cause agents to waste valuable time on tasks outside their areas of expertise. Task Manager automatically assigns tasks based on what agents do best. That way, work is completed better, faster, and with a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

  • Get access to insights that let you continually improve operations
  • Customize configurations and adjust priorities when necessary
  • Quickly extract data from all GDS sources, email, and Microsoft Excel

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Pair with Concur Compleat for greater visibility

By combining Travel Manager with our Concur Compleat product, you get faster processing time and end-to-end visibility on every transaction.

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See what Task Manager can do for you:

Automated workflow assignment

Automatically assign tasks to agents based on skill sets and priorities

Queue prioritization

Prioritize tasks based on customizable configurations and adjust as priorities change

Queue management

Pull queues from all GDS sources and supplier sites for faster, more accurate task creation and completion

Near real-time data

Access near real-time data and dashboards to quickly view stats by agent, department, client, or location


Track transaction types and exceptions to reshape processes, balance workloads, and customize agent training

SAP Concur has a better way to handle TMC solutions

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