Concur Task Manager

Complete tasks with speed and efficiency. Concur Task Manager improves activity workflow so your agents can focus on customers and you can optimize performance.

Get things done better and faster.

When agents are assigned the right jobs at the right time, everyone wins, which means higher customer satisfaction, happier employees and a healthier bottom line.


Are your agents spending valuable time redirecting clients calls or sitting idle waiting for assignments? Do you know how time is being spent or where processes can be improved?


Concur Task Manager automatically assigns tasks based on agent expertise, streamlining workflow and accelerating task completion. Managers can use real-time data to identify opportunities to improve.


Improved operational efficiency, agent productivity and customer service, which brightens everyone’s day.

Features of Task Manager

Automated Workflow Assignment

Tasks are assigned automatically to agents based on skill set and priority to optimize service and service cycle times.

Queue Prioritization

Tasks in the queue are prioritized based on customized configurations, which can be adjusted as priorities change.

Queue Management

Pulling queues from all GDS sources and supplier sites means faster, more accurate task creation and completion.

Real-Time Data

Access to real-time data and dashboards allows you to quickly view statistics by agent, department, client or location.


Tracking transaction types and exceptions helps you re-engineer processes, balance workloads and customize agent training.