Send your future self a high five for making it through year-end crunch time

Look forward to closing the books with a celebratory gift of your choice on us. Quantities are limited, so don’t delay – pick your crunch time celebration kit today.*

Have a little something on us.

What’s your pleasure? A festive winter warm-up, a celebration snack pack, or an energy boost? Choose one and scroll down to complete your order.

Winter Warm-Up

Three packages of hot cocoa
One five-dollar coffee gift card
Two tea sachets
One biscotti
One pair of Concur socks

Snack Attack

One bag of popcorn
One bag of nuts
One brownie bite
One bag of potato chips
One package of trail mix
One Concur stress ball

Power Up

One energy bar
One energy granola bar
One power bar
One energy drink
One package of trail mix
One Concur stress ball

*Quantities are limited. If your selection is out of stock, one of the other kits will be sent while supplies last. Deadline to order your kit is January 31, 2018. Kit is for intended recipient only and are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other items. Maximum two kits per company. Participants must be U.S. residents only.

Nice work making it through year-end close.

We’d like to help you celebrate.

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