Concur is an SAP Company

Spreadsheet Victim (1:15)

Does your spreadsheet-based process have you stuck in a cell? This video proves you're not alone.

Speaker 1: This is Rita. You know, every company has a Rita. She is the one person who has to make sense of everyone else's expense reports. She is ricking a month of employee expenses, 1 by 1. Are they accurate? Who can tell? Time to check in with the boss.

Rita: Yes, so I was hoping to have this for you for tomorrow morning. Yeah, tomorrow. Yeah, it is taking a bit longer than scheduled, so. You still want it tonight? Tomorrow would be sacked.

Speaker 1: She's in for a long night. Is this is any way to keep a small business in business? There must be a better way. With Concur Breeze there is. Meet Cindy. Her expense reporting process is simple. It automatically captures credit card transactions, paperless expense reports are quickly processed and approved. She tracks costs and manages cash, easily, all online. Remove work from your workload, Concur Breeze.