Grading papers doesn’t happen automatically, but approving invoices does

Invoices don’t have to sit on someone’s desk forever. When you automate the process, you can get a comprehensive view into spending, enabling more informed financial decisions.

Speed up your AP processing with easy-to-use tools

When you connect all of your sources of spending, you’ll be able to reimburse employees faster and provide greater insight into the financial health of your institution.

See first-hand how Concur Invoice lets you automate AP and increase your profitability

Simplify and speed up capture and payment while providing more visibility into every step of the process. Try this self-guided demo to discover how a vendor invoice gets captured, processed, and paid in Concur Invoice.

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Your invoices should be as smart as your students and faculty

Intelligent tools with machine learning built in allow you to extract information from invoices, process invoices faster, and increase accuracy – all while reducing technology and operational costs.

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Take a look around Concur Invoice

From time-saving optical character recognition to automated invoice matching, discover all of the features and benefits of Concur Invoice for your institution.

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Concur Expense

An expense solution that maximizes efficiency, control, and transparency.

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Concur Travel

A travel management solution that streamlines the travel process from pre-trip authorization to final expense submission.

Concur Travel 

Concur Detect

Automatically audit 100% of expense reports for fraud and compliance issues.

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