Expense management solutions for restaurants and retail

SAP Concur simplifies spend management so you can maximize profit and make more time for customers.

Time to focus on what matters most

Customers demand your full attention. When you waste time managing expenses and invoices, you risk losing customers and the money they spend with your business.

SAP Concur saves you valuable time and lets you:

  • Get a connected view of your expense data
  • Increase productivity with automation and machine learning
  • Reduce fraud and increase compliance
  • Submit and approve expenses on the go

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Give expense management the time it deserves

Too often, expense management takes a backseat to customer service. Concur Expense captures data from nearly every transaction, provides a clearer view of spend, and makes it easier to get the expense- and invoice-management process right.

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Automate to save time and money

No good can come from old-school, manual data entry. Automating your invoice processes means that:

  • Purchase requests are streamlined
  • Costly errors like duplicate payments are avoided
  • AP teams can focus more on strategy
  • Approvals go through more quickly

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Less risk, more compliance

Mistakes and misuse can hurt your bottom line. Concur Detect uses artificial intelligence (AI) from AppZen to automatically audit expenses for fraud and compliance in near real-time. That way, red flags go up before reimbursements are issued.

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Give your employees tools they’ll use

To manage spend accurately, you need to make it easy for your people. With Concur Expense and Drive, employees can track and submit expenses on the go, managers can easily review and approve expense reports from any device, and reimbursements happen more quickly.

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Integrated data lets you take action

When your expense, travel, and invoice data is in one place, you save time and money. With Intelligence, take advantage of custom dashboards, alerts, and reports that can improve your negotiations with vendors.

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