The Win Win Mobile T&E Solution

Your travelers have got a lot to get done when they’re on the road, whether in Kalamazoo, Katmandu, or any place in between. That means staying focused on what matters – meeting people, making things happen. With an intuitive mobile app for managing travel and expenses, your travelers can stay focused on their jobs. No need to get bogged down in administrivia, like organizing paper receipts, finding the best deal on a hotel, or re-booking a flight. These tasks can be knocked off quickly, and pain-free, if your T&E solution has smart travel functionality and integration with your corporate card and partnering travel service providers’ mobile apps. The ease of use can help improve travel policy compliance, too. This makes life easier for you and others back at the office. Digital images and information from receipts are seamlessly incorporated into expense reports--and ultimately your accounting system. You get faster, clearer, and deeper visibility into where the dollars are going, which can highlight savings opportunities, including negotiating vendor agreements. It’s a classic win-win: Travelers are more productive, and finance manages spend more effectively. Revenue goes up, costs go down, and the bottom line gets stronger. Visit to learn more about how easy-to-use mobile approach to managing travel and expenses can work for your organization.