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What the TripIt Integration Means for SMB (1:13)

Mike Hilton explains how the integration helps small businesses get a handle on tracking business travel expenses.

An even bigger game changer is what we've just announced with Concur Breeze, and the ability now for companies that have an unmanaged travel program to start getting a lot of the benefits of managed travel effectively. For the first time, if you're a smaller business that basically has your employees book however they'd like, whether it's an online travel agency, or going directly to supplier sites, for the first time you can begin to consolidate all of that travel, bring it into Concur Breeze and begin really seeing what integrated travel and expense management can do for you.

You'll know where your employees are, for the first time you'll have a handle on how much they're spending on travel, and you'll really be able to get a handle on your travel program and your travel spend. We're really excited about that as well. We think that's a real game changer for small businesses. Giving them the benefits of effective managed travel, even though they don't have a travel agency behind them.