Concur is an SAP Company

Concur's User Experience Design Philosophy

Speaker 1: User experience to me is a lot more than just the screens that you see, the UI that you see on your desktop and mobile. It's the complete experience that you're having with that device. From holding it, from your emotions. The tasks, the reasons why you're there. The goals that you're trying to accomplish by using that product.

Speaker 2: A great user experience is one that's delightful. It's not just about being easy to use or efficient. It's about creating an experience that is a lasting, positive memory for users.

Speaker 3: At Concur, it's about delivering on the promise of a perfect trip and to be able to allow our customer to submit expense reports with minimal hassle. We do this through a clean, simple, innovative UI.

Speaker 2: We see technology evolving every day, becoming faster or more efficient. We also see changes in how travel and expense are being conducted in businesses.

Speaker 3: It's not just in your office that you use Concur. We have a mobile solution. If you're traveling and something arises and you need Concur, Concur is there. Right at your fingertips. Put it in your mobile application. When you get back to the office then it's all there ready for you to expense in a snap.

Speaker 2: Innovation is really important to user experience because it helps us think beyond the way that we currently develop our products. We want to make sure that Concur is constantly offering the best possible user experience and to do that we need to think about new ways of helping users book travel or fill out an expense report. We want to give them a more amazing experience than they've ever had before.

Speaker 1: Customers rely on us to make the innovation happen for them. They're investing with us. They're trusting that they're using the best product in the industry, and they're trusting that we're not just looking at the front bow of the boat to steer the ship. That we're looking clear into the horizon. That innovation to us is what fuels this company.