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TripIt Helps Travel Managers Succeed (2:21)

I think for Concur, we believe very strongly that the smartphone revolution has really changed the shape of our industry. That travelers now have control that they've never had before. They control what goes on their smartphone. What travelers want, is they want really great, cool apps that help them have a much better experience while they're on the road. You're seeing an explosion from all kinds of companies building apps around that. Social sharing sites, whether it's recommendations, whether it's making it easy to find a great restaurant while you're on the road, whatever it might be, you're just seeing an explosion of those apps.

I think Tripit is one of the best examples of those kinds of apps. It's built for travelers to make their lives better. That's why you're seeing people run to them. We want to embrace this wave. I think attempting to control what your travelers are going to do on their smartphones and when they're on the road traveling, it's very difficult to do that. They're going to download the apps that they want to download. Concur's philosophy is to embrace all of that. What we would like to do is to integrate all of those great apps with your Concur Solution where it makes sense. So that the travelers can get all of the great experience that they want, while really staying in compliance with the travel programs that they're a part of as being part of a business. We want to bridge the gap by really allowing the best of both worlds to continue on.

We think that's very possible. We think these initial integration points that we've done between Concur and Tripit are a proof point of that. I can still book travel that complies to my policy, but I can manage that itinerary. I can use that itinerary in a way that's much more appropriate for me as a traveler. Our vision is that over time, you're going to see a lot of travel apps integrate with our Concur Solution in a similar way. So that as a travel manager, you can rest assured that the travelers are using what they what, but they're still doing it in a way that makes your travel program successful.