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The Traveler Then and Now

Speaker 1: Travel, a subject so daunting many don’t know where to begin. Will the future bring simplicity to travel, or is it as some say a grand social experiment gone horribly wrong. We took to the streets to ask business travelers where they found the pain points in today's travel. Most people answered: receipts, gate changes, delays and paper itineraries. Here's the good news, Concur and partners have a solution for just about everything! Learn more here

Speaker 2: Receipts drive me crazy.

Speaker 3: I hate receipts.

Speaker 4: Receipts.

Speaker 5: Dealing with the receipts is the worst.

Speaker 1: One idea is to actually adhere them to your body. There you go.

Speaker 6: Paper itineraries. My dad had paper itineraries.

Speaker 5: Last minute flight changes.

Speaker 8: Day changes and delays.

Speaker 7: Not a fan of backseats.

Speaker 3: I'm constantly juggling itineraries. I'm on different airlines, different rental car companies, am I coming or going? Don't always know.

Speaker 1: There you go.

Speaker 2: It's the changes, the last minute delays, or just a need to rebook due to my schedule.

Speaker 1: The resulting danger of a tragically depressing choice of seat assignments. For some of us, the mere word "travel" evokes an incident so horrible the mind won't let you recall it.

Here's the good news. Data's showing that travel with Concur is now more popular than eating, sleeping and breathing. There you go.

The astute traveler realizes that Concur and partners have a solution for just about everything. The only question is, do you Concur?