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Create, submit and approve expense reports

Staying on top of expense reporting has never been easier. In this demo we'll show you how to use the Concur small business home page to create and view your expense report. We'll also cover how to approve expense reports for those in a manager role or approve reports.

To create a new expense report from card charges, you can either click on add expense at the top left or view transactions in the center. In this example, we'll click view transactions to bring up a list of card changes that have been imported from your credit card account. You may select one or all of the card charges to add to your expense report. To select all charges, click the top box. To select individual charges, check the box next to each charge. Once you've selected the charges, click add selected, and they will be automatically imported. You'll see your card charges listed as expenses in the expense pane on the left. Easy, right?

To change the name of the expense report, click on the default expense report name and edit the name of the report. Then click save at the bottom. Now you can modify the expense type or add any additional information that your organization requires, as well as additional out of pocket expenses. To start, select the expense you want to modify by checking the box next to it. Then, make your changes. To change the department for the expense, click the drop down menu next to department and select the new one. Depending on your company set up, you may see different field in the expense pane. Mandatory fields will always have a red bar to the left of the field. If you need to add comments, select the comments fields. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom before moving on.

To enter a new expense, click new expense on the upper left and either type all or part of the expense type in the search pane or select the expense type from the list that appears. Complete the fields in the expense pane and remember that mandatory fields are marked with a red bar. Click the save button at the bottom of the page. To add mileage to your expense report, click new expense on the upper left and search for mileage, or choose personal car mileage from the list. To automatically calculate mileage, select the mileage calculator link on the right. Concur automatically calculates your mileage when you enter the address for your starting point and each stop that you make. Once you've entered all of your way points, simply click the calculate route link to determine your mileage. Then click add mileage to expense. After the mileage has been added, click save at the bottom of the expense pane to add the mileage to your expense report.

Once you've entered all of your expenses, you're ready to submit your report. Click the submit report button on the upper right for a list of the required receipts based on your organization's set up. Then click on attach receipt images, and use the browse button to select receipt images from your computer. Click upload for the required receipt images, then click submit report to submit your expense report to your manager for approval. You'll see a final summary of the total expenses you've submitted, detailing which expenses will be paid directly to your card, if applicable, and which ones will be reimbursed directly to you. Review the summary and click close. The report list now shows your expense report, including its status. Congratulations, you've successfully created and submitted and expense report. To view a previously created expense report, click the view expense reports box to access a list of your reports. You can also sort the list of reports by report status or report date, to find a particular category of report.

If you are a manager who will be approving expense reports for employees, you will see an approval queue count at the bottom left of the home page that shows the reports awaiting your approval. To access the queue, click the approvals box, then click a report name from the list to review. You can access the expense details, including amounts and coding, and also view the attached receipt. Once you have finished reviewing the report for compliance and accuracy, click the approve button on the top right to send the report to accounting for final approval and processing.