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Open Booking Overview (3:43)

Meet Tom. He's today's on the go business traveler, going far and wide to make things happen. He travels the way he likes, booking his way. Direct to his favorite hotels, rental cars and other vendors for discounts and member benefits.

Meet Concur Open Booking, the business travel solution that not only helps Tom book and travel the way he likes, he's more efficient while staying compliant with company travel policies.

Here's how. One day, one Tom was using Concur to book his flight. Because he has a loyalty account with his favorite hotel, he was going to book his room directly through their website. But then he noticed he could now link his Concur profile with his favorite hotel, allowing him to still book at the hotel's website and take advantage of his company's corporate discounts.

Tom goes to the hotel website to reserve his room. With his Concur and hotel profiles linked, they know he wants a non smoking, queen size room. They know his arrival time and they've already completed much of the booking for him, making the process a snap.

The hotel sends Tom's booking back to Concur, completing his itinerary without him having to lift a finger. Tom can link all of his loyalty accounts with Concur through a quick authorization. Concur even offers new suppliers for Tom based on his previous bookings, giving him access to a vast network of enrollment opportunities and keeping suppliers aware of his travel needs.

Now, Tom has complete control of his travel data as he builds his own ecosystem by choosing the preferred vendors in which he wants to share his information.

Concur handles all the details behind the scenes, streamlining his bookings into one itinerary which he can access on the go using his Concur mobile app. His hotel contact info, confirmation numbers and car reservations are all in one place, available at his fingertips.

With Tom's travel plans and preferences visible to suppliers within Concur, they can work together to service him cooperatively with a customized travel experience of offers, discounts and services based on his travel needs.

For example, Tom's red eye flight arrives earlier than scheduled and everyone's in the know. He checks his itinerary and receives a welcome message from his car rental company letting him know that his car is ready and his hotel has even prepared a room for his early arrival. Now, he can recover and prep for his busy work schedule.

With Open Booking and Concur, everyone benefits. Tom's company benefits because his bookings are automatically sent from suppliers to Concur, getting travel managers immediate access to his itineraries and receipts, resulting in consistent, fast and accurate reimbursement and payment cycles. With up to the minute access to Tom's itinerary, they know where and how to contact him in case of emergencies.

Suppliers and travel management companies benefit with secure access to his travel reservations through the Concur Open Agent web tool and APIs. Information can be used by suppliers to provide Tom with customized offers and member benefits, improving his travel experience while saving money on distribution costs. Suppliers can even see their market share of wallet, helping them create customized offers and incentives for Tom's company.

Tom benefits because Open Booking Direct empowers him to travel the way he wants. He controls his personal information and preferences and the company trusts him to make smart purchasing decisions and stay in compliance. Tom submits flawless expense reports in a flash because Concur automatically matches his itinerary with his credit card charges and electronic receipts.

Go, Tom, go! Concur is with you all the way.

Concur, building the future of integrated travel and expenses.