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Locate & Alert (1:36)

With the Locate & Alert service, a company can confirm that their employees are safe.

Hi, my names is Prashanth Adhikari. I am a Senior Director in R&D. I am responsible for mobile technology at Concur. We've introduced an innovative new feature called Locate and Alert. Basically what it is, is let's say you are stranded in London. There's these riots. You're caught up. You're in the city. You lost your passport. You need help. You can pull out your mobile phone. You can say, "I'm in London. I've checked into this place with my mobile phone. Please give me assistance." The administrator at your workplace will be able to monitor where you are on a map, based on your itinerary and your mobile check ins. They may be able to broadcast messages to you, giving you advice on what to do, how to find your way to the US Embassy and get a new passport and how to get out of this situation that you are in. You could be in a troublesome situation for a whole variety of reasons. This is a very practical use of mobile technology. That's really what we want to do is build capabilities that provide real value to our end users.