Concur is an SAP Company

Government Online Booking Video Demo (2:02)

Welcome to Concur Government. In this example, we will book a trip and automatically generate our authorization.

Select create a reservation. Enter the duty station you've been asked to visit. Once entered, the system will find all per diem locations within a 25 mile radius. Select your per diem location, enter your departure and return dates. Indicate that you'd like to find a hotel and click search.

Flights are displayed sorted by carrier and government contract type. In policy flights are indicated by green reserve buttons. Select the flight you'd like to take and click reserve. FEMA and fed rooms information is indicated on the hotel display. The per diem rate information is shown for easy comparison while selecting a hotel.

Choose the room you'd like to stay in and click reserve. Your travel details are displayed for review. Enter a trip description. This description will show on your authorization for easy identification. Select a trip purpose and continue. Review your trip information and confirm your bookings.

Your travel authorization is generated based on information in your profile as well as the reservation you just entered. Expenses are automatically created and per diem allowances are calculated. At this point, the traveler can sign the authorization and submit it for routing.