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Experts Discuss Technology's Role in Shaping the Future of Business Travel: (3:07)

This short video captures the views from some of the industry experts in attendance at Business Travel and Meetings Show

Speaker: 2009 was a difficult year for companies beginning to come out from the economic crisis with reduced travel budgets and a pressing need to continue to reduce costs. Travel managers are under pressure to make their budgets go further and having to adapt the way they manage their business traveling expenses by implementing smarter travel management policies and strategies. Negotiating lower prices for airfares and hotels is no longer enough. Companies now need to manage the entire process of travel procurement better.

Matt Bray – Business Development Manager EMEA Concur: I think what we're seeing in the market place is a lot of buyers actually taking more control over how they pick and choose and play with their travel providers in the market. Now, because there's been so much advancements with technology within the supply base it means that they can actually wrap up that portfolio of supplies together. To get what they want out of that travel program without being reliant on the third party to tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing.

Speaker: Concur Travel and Expense offers an end to end solution, providing the most up-to-date information and data, allowing travel managers to monitor travel spend and ensure their budgets are working for them.

Ian Flint – Managing Director, Inform Logistics: I think technology is driving the industry. It has to because the demands of the corporate is such they're wanting to reduce cost and technology they see as the means of reducing cost. I would say the market and the industry is trying to keep up with that requirement and so is technology with it.

Paul Tilstone - Managing Director NBTA Europe: Technology has an incredible opportunity at the moment. The more complicated that the industry is becoming the more opportunity there is for full technology providers to give the solutions to corporate buyers.

Speaker: It's not just on the travel booking side that managers are having to make efficiencies. New mobile technologies now allow travelers to manage their expenditure on the go further reducing the time spent filling out expense forms and making for a significantly improved experience both, for travelers and travel managers.

Albert Pozzo – VP Multinational Business & Corporate Travel Amadeus: I think many companies really are, really taking the crisis and opportunity to really to implement technology, to make great efficiencies, to improve their processes, procurement processes, travel management processes. Adaption of mobility, which is another tool, would help enforcement of policies. It's something which we see really growing very, very fast at this moment. I think companies who are coming out of this crisis with this better process, with better deals, better ... Reduced suppliers but with better negotiations, with the better implementation altogether of the travel policy, will be fitter.

Speaker: The recession has undoubtedly brought about the realization that many companies had not been managing their travel budget as efficiently as they could. As they begin to emerge from the economic crisis a demand for travel increases, those same companies will need to be more vigilant than ever when planning and conducting their T&E systems.