Concur is an SAP Company

Concur Small Business on a smartphone (1:48)

With Concur Breeze you can manage all your expenses right from your smartphone without ever using your computer. It's fast, easy and simple. In one view from the home screen you can see the card transaction, report and approval details. To view additional details, use the buttons at the top of the screen.

It's easy to add a cash expense like tips or taxi charges right from the home screen. A list of common cash expense types appear so that you can easily select one. Use your camera to take a picture of the receipt, eliminating the need to scan, fax or mail them in. You can store your receipt images on your device. You can attach a receipt image to an expense or remove it.

Select expenses you will see all your expenses including all card charges and cash expenses. To edit an expense, select it. You can add expense to an existing report or create a new one.

The reports button will show the list of all active reports with their workflow status. You can drill into each report for details and submit reports that haven't been filed yet.

If you're an expense report approver, you can use Concur Breeze to review a report including expense details and receipt images. You can either approve the entire report as is or reject it.

Manage your expenses any time, anywhere. Concur Breeze improves productivity, promotes accountability and best of all, saves time. Take Concur Breeze for a test drive. It's quick, easy and free and