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Concur Receipt Audit

Receipt Audit

Reduce costs by validating claimed expenses match required receipts before employee reimbursement or corporate card payment! The resources and time it takes to do a visual inspection of receipts against submitted expenses is a tedious and time-consuming process for your organization. The purpose of validating the actual receipt against the claimed expense is to identify employees who might not understand your company’s expense policy, have mistakenly entered incorrect expense amounts, or willfully attempted to abuse your company’s trust.

These activities can help cut excessive business expenses and address basic compliance requirements, but performing the task internally can be overwhelming and full of challenges. This is particularly true with changing restrictions on allowable expenses and managing a mobile workforce that can span various regions and currencies.

Concur® Receipt Audit

Enables you to outsource this activity and secure an efficient and accurate audit review in a controlled environment – reducing the time and cost of performing this function in-house.

What is a Receipt Audit?

Concur Receipt Audit provides dedicated resources to verify and substantiate your employees’ required expense receipts against amounts entered on the associated expense report and then takes appropriate action as defined by your organization. Examples of this could range from simple reporting of discrepancies to returning the expense report for correction and resubmission.

How it Works

You choose the level of audit that’s right for your company. Concur recommends auditing 100 percent to gain the greatest insight.

If you prefer to audit only a subset, you can determine which expense reports to subject to an audit review based on the following selection criteria:

- Random Percentage – Using a calculated algorithm, expense reports are chosen at random for audit to reduce unnecessary risk. Doing so prevents employees from being able to circumvent the selection process.

- Target List – A select group of individuals who should always be audited or perhaps a list of employees who should never be subject to audit. New hires might always be audited for a period of 90 days or perhaps frequent travelers always get reviewed.

- Special Condition – A rule that can determine an amount threshold or a certain expense type which subjects the expense report to an audit review when the condition is met. For example: If a car rental expense type is present, then select for audit. Or, if the expense report total is above $10,000, then select for audit.

- Receipt Audit - When it comes to failed audits that are resubmitted, a trigger you can’t always control, Concur performs another full audit review of the identified exception. This ensures the inaccuracy is corrected and no other modifications were made to the expense report resulting in a different failure outcome. Spending time educating employees on the company policy is now possible if Concur is doing the more cumbersome review activity. You just have to respond to the results.

Concur provides you with the flexibility to modify both the Target List and Special Condition options at any time. Each of the selection criteria can be re-calibrated to adjust to your changing needs.

Concur’s dedicated audit specialists conduct the audit based on six basic components including:

- Date validation

- Expense type

- Expensed amount

- Payment method

- Vendor name

- Expense classification

If an expense report fails an audit review, exceptions are resolved directly with the employee via email without burdening your staff. Concur provides reports of all exceptions to help you identify trends and employee behavior so you can take corrective action or put education programs in place as needed.

The audit of your policy is dependent upon required receipts and supporting documentation being submitted with the expense report. You can seamlessly leverage the various imaging capabilities included with the expense solution to eliminate paper receipts and ensure employees can easily submit receipts to support claimed expenses.

Service and Support

As a global company, Concur understands the need for local support. And that’s why we have service centers and knowledgeable Concur resources around the globe, ready to serve you and your employees at all hours.
Concur auditors communicate with employees in the language they use within the Concur solution. They receive concise directions explaining what needs to be corrected, speeding the audit process and ensuring timely payments.

Concur’s audit team is solely dedicated to performing the audit function and we do this with no pre-conceived impressions about the person whose expense report is being audited. In fact, the audit review process is anonymous and the pass or fail outcome is determined by the system based on auditor responses. This provides objectivity and alleviates any discord your staff may experience from approving or rejecting a fellow employee’s expenses. And, when employees understand the review isn’t being performed by someone they know, there is a reduced risk for collusion and undue influence. The bottom line – it’s more likely the rules won’t be challenged!

The Benefits

You are already benefitting from automation with Concur. Now, you can leverage and optimize your solution with an integrated receipt audit service that allows you to:

Reduce costs and save time
- Control employee spend and ensure compliance
- Reduce waste, misuse and abuse proactively
- Decrease audit timeline and redirect employee efforts to other tasks

Take control and verify expenses
- Gain increased control of your expense reporting process
- Verify receipts quickly with objective experienced audit specialists
- Ensure expenses are valid prior to reimbursement or corporate card remittance

Gain peace of mind
- Access to audit experts 24x6, providing the guidance and expertise to support your needs around the clock
- Improved employee satisfaction through education and understanding
- Faster, objective audit review process

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