Concur is an SAP Company

Concur clients speak on Innovation

Patrick: Innovation is listening and looking for needs that people, industries, and companies want and finding a way to provide that. Innovation played in because, as a theater company, especially in this time and age, is very dynamic. Nothing is really static anymore, so you have to be able to change with the times and with your needs. Concur is incredibly proactive with that. They listen to their clients, they listen to industry and the market needs, and they find the solutions.

Rendell: Innovation is a software company who can invent, create, think outside the box. Solutions that can benefit us, or create value to our business needs. As far as innovation goes, I love the way Concur has a monthly release. There's a lot of software companies out there that I've worked with, they'll take great ideas from customers, and they'll save them left for six months. I love how Concur will do this on a monthly basis, so we can utilize the one or two ideas now instead of waiting.

I realize that Concur works with many different types of companies that are out there. The real innovation with Concur to me is that they can focus in on an engineering company, that's what we do, and they can cater to our needs, or tailor the design of the software and make it work for us.

Today, if you're going to stay a leader in any business, you have to change. I think Concur does that. I think I'm impressed with that the most. I think they're always looking to do something better, as opposed to, "Hey, this is our product. Now I'm just going to keep it this way."