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Avocent Corporation Concur Video Testimonial

Concur is perfect for a mobile workforce

Speaker 1: Concur Audit is flexible because you can actually tell the audit team or the configuration how stringent you want your reports to be audited. You can go from being just very relaxed about the reports to being very stringent. They will check based on your needs. They will check for duplicates, they will check for things that are within your policy. They'll flag a lot of things and send them to the attention of the expense follower to first correct if they do spot something that's maybe just a mistake and then secondly send them to the back office so that they can look further into it and help resolve a problem if there is one.

You can set the audit to be 30% random audit, 50% random audit, or 10% random audit so it's very flexible and it also really does save the back office a lot of time. I'm sure that there have been several instances where someone had a duplicate entry in their expense report. They didn't mean to. They just took a receipt and probably put it in twice. Maybe it was a card expense and then they used their receipt. Very easy mistake to make and Concur Audit caught those mistakes whereas our back office may or may not have caught those mistakes so I'm sure it saved us money in that regard.

We are a high tech company and our employees are very computer savvy. We employ software developers, engineers, hardware developers, high tech folks because we are a high tech company and so they're not going to not have something on their Blackberry. They live and breathe their days with their Blackberry. The days of carrying your laptop around are over at our company because everyone has a Blackberry. Everyone that I'm aware of has Concur Mobile on their Blackberry and they can actually book their travel or check their expense reports or approve, particularly approve expense reports for their employees when they're on the go. In the evening when it's most convenient for them.

There's no reason not to give Concur Mobile a try because it simplifies everyone's life that is filing expense reports and mostly the approvers. The approvers of expense reports are usually higher level people. They're on the go. They're checking email and also taking care of business via their Blackberry or their Smart Phone so it has really, really made a big difference in our executive's lives.

One of the things that has impressed me the most about Concur is its quick response to help. During the implementation process they were always there. Always at the meetings, always on the phone and solving problems and taking care of our requirements and needs and now since we are in the support mode, support gets back with us very quickly and tries to understand what we're struggling with and comes back with usually the solution first time.

Innovation means a lot to me and our company because we are an innovative company and so we stay abreast of new technology. We deliver state of the art type of products and Concur falls within that culture that we have and delivers good solid product, good state of the art, always improving their product and looking for ways to please the customer.