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Advisor Program Introduction (4:09)

Advisor Program Introduction

Peter: Morling began about three years, and basically my background is I came out of the big four. Most accounting firms would say, "We want bigger and bigger clients. We want to do larger audits." We just feel that there's just got to be a better solution to take care of people, because our belief is the people are individuals. At the end of the day, whether somebody owns a business, the real entity that we should servicing and benefiting would be the individuals.

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer Batuyang. I'm a tax and accounting manager for Morling and Company. Within Morling, our expense process is different, and it's based on each different client's style. I tend to have a different approach when I talk to clients because you really want to have a wonderful relationship and you want it to be as transparent as possible.

Jerry: I know often times, you come back from a trip or a business outing and the last thing you want to do is sit down and put your expenses together to get reimbursed. If that were done while you were out in the field, it saves time and you don't lost things and I think everyone benefits. Especially if it's a low cost system, it's kind of a no brainer for businesses to adopt this type of a system.

Jennifer: Bringing Concur into Morling, it was a personal approach for me and I looked at it as an employee to help me with my reimbursable business expenses, RBE. Every quarter, every month, we submit our own spreadsheets and our receipts to our HR. It's a painful process. Just with myself, I have to unload a lot of my receipts every week, and it goes from wallet to my bag, out of my bag into a folder, from a folder to a baker's box, and it costs me a lot of distress. To have to hear that from clients and have to feel that, it helped me make the decision to say, you know what, there's something out there that's better, and I just have to find it.

Peter: Things like tax preparation, accounting, they're looking for software solutions or services that encompass that software solution in a manner that's easy to use and cost effective.

Jennifer: There's so many things that I'm impressed with with Concur. What I like about it is it allows so many different possibilities for different individuals to use, and it's such a large range.

Peter: We just need large technology that has a heavy backbone, like Concur, and then we just need to have the ability to get it to a point where a client's going to buy it, so it's applied technology.

Jennifer: In terms of signing up and looking at the Concur advisor program, I like knowing who's actually benefiting from utilizing it and how that strengthens their client relationships. A majority of our clients utilize different accounting software solutions. A majority of them do like to use QuickBooks. I find that the sync within Concur and QuickBooks is a match made in heaven. I think overall with utilizing Concur, being an advisor or not, I think anybody who has expenses should use Concur.