Concur is an SAP Company

ADP - Welcome to Concur! (2:53)

Watch this brief video to hear Concur’s chairman and CEO, Steve Singh, talk about the benefits your company will realize now that you’re part of the Concur family.

Hi, I'm Steve Singh, chairman and CEO of Concur. For more than 10 years, Concur and ADP have partnered to help make the process of managing expense reports easy. Now, as you're likely aware, your contractual relationship with ADP has changed to Concur. You can rest assured that with this change, we will continue to work with you as partners to deliver solutions to help you manage your business, so welcome.

Really, you've already been a part of the Concur family for quite some time. On behalf of ADP, we implemented your expense solutions initially and supported you all along the way. The difference with our new agreement is that we now can completely manage your needs from beginning to end. You now have access to a rich set of benefits as a result. For Concur, being innovative is all about improving the lives of the people who use our services. We're focused on making processes easier, faster, and cheaper to manage. Not only can you manage your travel and expense processes from the convenience of your laptop or your desktop, we also have a rich set of mobile apps that allow you to seamlessly manage your business processes from your smartphone.

Last year, we join forces with TripIt, which means itinerary management is easier than ever before. We also put a huge focus on our relationships with partners. For you, that means you can easily connect to other solutions in other cloud services and because we have an open platform, we make is easy to extend the functionality of the services we deliver to meet your particular business needs.

Behind all this innovation, we get excited knowing that our solutions help you save time and help you save money and as you learn more about Concur in the coming weeks and months, you'll come to understand how deep our commitment is to innovation, to service, and more importantly, to you. You'll quickly realize that our solutions have one purpose, and that's to drive value and help you solve real business problems.

While I'm extremely proud of the constant drive that we have towards innovation and our world class solutions, what makes me the most proud a are the people that work at Concur. Each person that works at Concur embodies a core value of ours which is a passion for you, our customers. Without a doubt, we want to help you business succeed. From support to managing your expense solution to acting as trusted advisors, we're here to help you. I encourage you to take advantage of the resources that our team has setup for you, and I hope that this new journey will be as exciting for you as we believe it will be for us. We're thrilled that you're a part of our family. Thank you for the commitment that you've made to Concur, and more importantly, the trust you place in our company.