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Discover how far you are when it comes to your ability to have effortless expense reporting, and the areas that your organisation need to improve upon to get there.
After salaries, travel and entertainment is the top controllable expense category for businesses. Changing the way you approach it can deliver huge wins on cost control, visibility and productivity. In this guide, we'll cover four things you can do right now to fix your travel and expense management, save money, save time and make your employees happier by freeing them to focus on what really matters.
This guide provides eight tips that could help make submitting, approving and paying expenses more efficient, more appropriate, and less frustrating. It also lists top resources that you can use to improve your process.
You love the idea of using your mobile device for expense reports and easily accessing all the data in the cloud. But how do you get everyone else on board? Download our free guide to learn how to secure buy-in from your team, especially your sales manager, IT department and even the CFO.
What role does automation play in small businesses need to efficiently control costs and optimise cash flow?
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Play in the big leagues, no matter what your business’s size. Read this short guide and learn how cloud technology can help you bridge skill gaps, improve service quality, increase security, and drive cost efficiency.

You may think spreadsheets are good enough for expense reports. They’re not. There are too many hidden costs, brought about by extreme inefficiency. Given other process improvements you’ve already made in your business, it’s time to consider automating expense reporting.
An inefficient travel and expense process not only leaves your employees frustrated, but it also lacks the visibility and insight you need to see where the money’s going. Savvy finance professionals are breezing past these issues, using technology to streamline processes and turn challenges into opportunities.
TripIt Pro is like giving every employee their very own personal travel assistant that keeps them on the go, in the know, and connected at all times.
TripIt for Teams removes the hassle and inefficiency of organizing office travel. Keep track of who’s traveling when and where, and stay connected to employees on the road.
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What if expense reports could write themselves? Join Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur, as he demonstrates how an expense report can write itself - from booking a trip, to adding attendees from a client lunch, to automatically uploading electronic receipts, to simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt with the Concur mobile app.


See how to get Concur on your smartphone


Yapta's CEO James Filsinger explains the importance of technology in the travel industry.He says the Perfect Trip is seamless and rewarding. Forest Key says that todays technology can improve and make for a perfect trip.


We took to the streets to ask business travelers where they found the pain points in today's travel. Don't worry travelers Concur has a solution.

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Manual data entry, lost invoices, long cycle times, and lack of visibility - does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. These were just some of the pressures global digital media company, Getty Images faced prior to streamlining their AP management workflow. Hear how Getty Images was able to use technology to see the bigger picture and manage their spend with a holistic view of their data.
Join Ardent Partners’ Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, and Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director, as they unveil the top trends within the AP function for 2015 and utilize this discussion to your organization transform you AP department into a value-added program. You'll learn the top market trends that will shape how AP is viewed in 2015 and beyond, about the growing role of business networks in driving financial (and spend) management value and the ways the AP industry is increasingly shifting towards technology.
Hear from your peers! Join Kelli Hudson, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as she discusses the success they achieved by bringing an automated Travel & Expense solution to their school.
The Aberdeen Group explains how integrating expense management and traditional Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, reduces costs, improves compliance, and most importantly, provides visibility into employee spend. Also hear from a customer who has integrated Concur's leading cloud-based travel and expense management solution with NetSuite.
Join Assistant Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, as she takes you on a guided tour of the University of Colorado's journey to Automating Travel and Expense management campus wide.
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Armanino LLP ( is the largest independent accounting and business consulting firm in California and one of the largest firms in the United States. Armanino provides an integrated set of audit, tax, consulting and technology solutions to companies in the U.S. and globally. The firm helps clients adapt and change in every stage of business from start-up through rapid growth to the sale of a company. Armanino emphasizes smart technology, leading a cloud revolution of financial, operational, sales and compliance tools that are transforming the way companies do business. 

Concur helped this client remove hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative cash flow per year.
From The Aberdeen Group - March 2013

A large system of non-profit hospitals, medical centers and laboratories in Oregon, Washington as well as Alaska; PeaceHealth holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to the allocation and utilization of financial and human resources. Approximately 2,000 PeaceHealth doctors, lab sales reps, and executives travel to deliver the gold standard in patient care and healthcare services, generating 24,000 expense reports annually

Small company experiences big savings with Concur's small business solution
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All the data captured during travel booking and the the business trip flows directly into the expense report


By integrating policies with preferred air and hotel vendors, company gains control over exceptions and decreases policy violations


We chose Concur because our legacy system could not meet our business requirements


Before Concur, we had a lot of human error and now it is documented with receipts


Concur is perfect for a mobile workforce

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Hit the gas and leave your competitors in the dust. Download this infographic and see how automating your expense reports can rev up your business performance.
With manual or partially-automated processes and data existing in separate, disconnected systems, you don’t have the visibility you need to be able to see the big picture and make informed and timely decisions for your business. This infographic will show you what to think about when it comes to T&E integration and the methods your company can implement to move beyond automation and bring insight to your bottom line.
Where do small business travelers dine, drive and stay overnight? Concur peeked into its expense database and created an infographic showing the top business travel trends of 2011. See where travelers spent money, stayed and ate in 2011.
See how integrating expense management and traditional Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, reduces costs, improves compliance, and most importantly, provides visibility into employee spend.
Where do business travelers like to dine, drive or stay overnight? Concur built half a billion expenses into an infographic showing the top business travel trends of 2011. See where travelers spent money, stayed and ate in 2011.
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About Concur's Locate & Alert solution.
Concur Open Booking fact sheet.
keeps them on the go, in the know and connected at all times.
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's expense management solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Advanced Travel Services Solution
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A paper-based Accounts Payable process is more likely to cause overpayments, duplicate payments and late payments.  This eBook shows you how you can reduce your invoice processing costs from 40-70% through automation with Concur.

Need some help convincing the boss that Concur helps your business? Download this business justifiction letter
By now, you have heard of The Physician Payment Sunshine Act and are most likely preparing for the changes that are required by this federal regulation. Uncover the answers and gain insight through our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions.
In this report, you will learn some of the key pressures which compel organizations to refine their AP processes and will also identify key technological capabilities which enable Best-in-Class companies to out-perform their peers across key metrics like
Today's organizations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. Organizations must reevaluate existing strategies for travel and expense management, how to overcome key challenges and structure a robust program that balances core competencies and modern technology enablers. Read this report to find out the impact of these trends in achieving ROI and business process improvements for 2014 and beyond.