Tech Priorities for a Modern State and Local Government

Legacy systems and processes affect almost every facet of government. While you probably know the negative ramifications legacy systems can have on security and efficiency, you may be less aware of how old processes are having a direct negative impact on government spend management. 

In particular, processes surrounding employee-initiated spending are in need of an update to have more efficient and holistic spend management. Essentially, employee-initiated spending is anything an employee is empowered to spend money on that their employer is responsible to pay. This kind of spending is inherit to all sectors, but as state and local governments face decreases in funding, it becomes increasingly important for them to understand and control employee-initated spending, which impacts the overall financial health of their agency. 

To better understand these challenges and how state and local governments can overcome them, GovLoop, a knowledge network for people in and around government, sat down with Matt Gibbons, Senior Director of Sales for Public Sector at SAP Concur. 

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