StateScoop Report: How State and Local Government Agencies Can Improve Employee Productivity and Financial Transparency

Finding practical ways to make government employees more productive is one of the many challenges facing state and local agencies.

One approach delivering quick results for agencies large and small — and leading to greater workplace satisfaction among employees and their supervisors — is the adoption of well-established, cloud-based tools to provide tracking, control and insight for employee-initiated spending, also referred to as “travel, expense and invoice.”

This approach reduces total operating costs for most agencies and increases job satisfaction for employees and managers alike by making the submission, approval and reimbursement of employee initiated expenses and invoices quickly and easily.

For financial and IT officials, the use of modern, more automated travel, invoice and expense management tools provide financial transparency, reduce risk of expense errors and abuse, lower long-term IT costs and ultimately allow greater control over the use of taxpayer dollars.

Download the full report and learn how to tame your agency’s travel and expense reporting — and improve transparency, efficiency and employee satisfaction using widely-adopted travel and expense tools.