How to Respond When Duty Calls

The very first thing to do when developing the model to meet your duty of care is see what other companies are doing. You want the best practices to avoid the pitfalls, and this is where you start. These three free whitepapers, compiled by the BTN Group, outline the critical components of a travel risk management program in a compelling and consumable format. Highlights include:

1. The legal, moral and business reasons to develop and/or enhance duty of care.

2. The data it takes to do your due diligence.

3. The best practices of companies doing it right.

Download Part 3: How to Respond When Duty Calls.

The final whitepaper in the series pulls together best practices for responding to risk and managing duty of care. It advocates for a proactive and comprehensive approach to travel risk management and outlines what that means for the companies that do it well.

Learn more about:

• Creating a master plan

• Identifying key stakeholders

• Systems integration

Check out Part 1: The Travel Risk Management Imperative

Check out Part 2: Data Support: What's Needed for Successful TRM