How to Close the Gap in Compliance: T&E Audit Best Practices

“How do we do it?” is the most common auditing question we receive from our clients. But when we dive deeper, the question that uncovers more is: What’s your best approach to how?

As a stakeholder in your organization’s travel and expense program, you and your team are faced with new challenges daily—new employees, policies, and ever-changing regulations that require increasing controls and processes just to keep up. As a result, maintaining compliance while finding ways to drive costs out of your program is priority number one. This guide will answer the above question and more, giving you a clear perspective on auditing best practices from what we’ve learned at our client events and roundtable discussions, as well as from Concur Audit experts and industry insights.

Download now for answers to your questions about the when, what, and why of auditing corporate travel and expense.