GBTA WEBINAR - Lost in Translation: 5 counter-intuitive realities in business travel management

How do Travel Managers navigate the complex world of business travel? Based on GBTA research, this webinar discusses 5 counter-intuitive realities in business travel management.

  1. The Travel Manager's role broadens– yet familiar tasks consume a large amount of time.
  2. Tech innovation has automated many tasks. Why are Travel Managers still so busy?
  3. Hotel leakage remains a problem, and not only for companies with flexible policies.
  4. Many companies ignore the opportunity to capture outside bookings.
  5. TMCs continue to promote their preferred suppliers. How do Travel Managers view this?

At the end of the session, you should be able to:

  •  Learn about how the Travel Manager's role is changing
  •  Learn about how Travel Managers view new booking technology
  •  Benchmark their hotel leakage rate against their peers
  •  Learn about travel content distribution and how TMCs display their preferred suppliers