TripIt Secrets Revealed (2:08)

<p>Most of us like being in cool places for vacation or business, but getting there sucks. Stacks of papers with itineraries and reservations, lists of people to see and things to do. The online solutions aren't much easier, because you have to deal with multiple site logins and finding confirmation emails in the inbox of doom. Not to mention that it's almost impossible to keep family, friends, and coworkers in the loop when it comes to planning. Sometimes you're just lucky to get picked up from the airport.</p>

<p>The gang over at Trip It thought that there should be a better way to organize your travel and make life a little bit easier. Okay, a lot easier. The only way to really explain it is to show you how it works. First, when you get any type of travel email like from an airline, hotel, or travel agent you simply forward it on to Trip It. Then Trip It uses this automagical process to create a super simple and truly helpful master itinerary that you could view from anywhere. The itineraries contain everything you'd expect, like all the important times and transportation details, and even some things that you wouldn't expect, like maps, the local weather forecast and tons more.</p>

<p>It's not just for flight and hotel. There's more than 1,000 sites Trip It works with, so you can plan and organize anything from restaurant reservations to movie tickets. Then it syncs everything with your calendar and makes it super easy to share your travel plans with family, friends, and business colleagues. All of this is completely free, which is a pretty good price to pay for peace of mind while traveling. It doesn't stop there. If you really want to be taken care of check out Trip It Pro.</p>

<p>It has all the awesomeness of Trip It but turned up to 11, because it's like getting a full time personal travel assistant that is constantly looking out for you and monitoring your travel plans. It lets you know if all is well or it instantly alerts you if flights are delayed, canceled, or gates are changed. If a flight is delayed too long and you need another way to move on, no worries. Trip It Pro identifies alternate flights and open seats. It also saves you time by organizing all of your frequent flyer info into one place and saves you money by letting you know when your airfare is eligible for flight refunds. Decrease the chaos and increase the peace in your travels. Sign up for free at</p>