Silver Spring Networks

Silver Spring Networks employees all over the world wanted to spend less time battling their paper-based expense reports and free up more time to build to build the company. At the same time, the company needed better compliance, control and visibility. Carolina Iga-Musisi explains how they seized that opportunity to find something better, which led them to Concur.

I'm Carolina Iga-Musisi. I work with Silver Spring Networks. We are technology company based in California. We have about three hundred employees using Concur right now. We currently have Concur Travel and Concur Expense. That's definitely a very big deal for us. We do have employees all over the world. We have a large base of employees here in United States, also traveling overseas. We have employees in Brazil, in France, in Australia, UK, and it's very important that, one, we make sure that everybody's following the same policy when it comes reimbursements and expenses. Having the ability to use Concur to help us monitor those expenses, that is definitely priceless.

Before using Concur we had iExpense, that's a Oracle base program, and we also have expense reports being filled out in Excel spreadsheets. It was just a nightmare. We had a lot of complaints of employees, I'm not here to do expense report. I'm here to build the company. I'm here to service my customer. This is just a waste of my time. That was definitely a constant complaint.

What brought us to Concur was as we were growing and as we were growing our business and we are growing number of employees, we knew that we had to make a change the way we manage our expenses. Not only expenses, but we got a point where we had to revisit our travel policy. We needed an application that could help us making sure that we are managing what kind of flights our employees are taking. Are they using our preferred vendors? Also when it comes to the expenses we needed an application that could help us manage and monitor our budget. That was the first thing for us. We are growing. We need something that can help us in this growth. That's how we came across with Concur and we've been with Concur ever since.

Our experience with Concur ... It's been great. We know that we are much better now with Concur. We have data. We can analyze what our employees are using or how they're doing their expenses. Definitely Excel spreadsheets were in the past for us. We are just moving forward.