Paper-Based Expense Reports

Paper-based expense reports are a big hassle, but there is a better way. Watch this video to learn more.

For the submitter, saving, gathering, and organizing all those receipts, locating the missing ones, assigning account codes, and getting the bundle in a tidy package to the right person can be very time-consuming and error-prone. These systems are also a pain for finance department personnel who have to check the math, verify expense policy compliance, and input the data for accounting and reimbursement purposes. There is a better way. A completely automated, mobile-friendly solution, cloud-based expense reporting solution that improves accuracy, accelerates reimbursement, and frees up staff for more high-valued tasks.

After the system is set up with your organization's account codes and policy parameters, employees can record and automatically code credit card charges, e-receipts, or, using a smart phone or tablet, image-capture paper receipts. The system flags non-compliant expense categories. An optional automatic payment option facilitates electronic reimbursement of authorized expenses, whether to a credit card or a personal bank account. Whether expenses are incurred at an office supply store around the corner, or at a hotel 1000 miles away, an electronic expense management system will provide such time savings and accuracy improvements that you'll wonder why you put up with a paper-based approach for as long as you did.

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