Fix Expense Reporting Video

Don't settle for an outdated, manual spreadsheet-based expense reporting process. There's a better way to manage your expense reporting and cash flow. Try Concur!

As a savvy company, chances are you're already using the latest technology to keep your business growing. Why are you stuck doing expense reports manually with spreadsheets? Finding receipts, filling out forms, waiting to get reimbursed, and managing reports on the backend is even more complicated. Storing and retrieving receipts, manual data entry, reports that take hours, if not days to produce. Don't settle for an outdated, broken expense reporting process that has hidden cost, and gives you incomplete and inaccurate data. Spreadsheets don't give you the visibility you need to manage your spend, and make smart budget decisions.

The good news is you can fix it. Concur's cloud-based expense reporting is easy and fast. Employees snap pictures of their receipts, automatically creating an expense report on the go. Then, when it's time, they hit submit. Managers review, and approve, and employees get paid quickly. Finally, you can easily track spending as it happens, and see what's really going on. Using spreadsheets for expense reporting makes it impossible to effectively manage your cash flow. You can fix it.