ExpenseIt Pro: Turn receipts into reports in a snap

ExpenseIt Pro from Concur is a receipt capture app that works seamlessly with Concur Expense to quickly turn receipts into expense reports in a snap. Simply take a photo of a receipt with your smartphone, and ExpenseIt Pro automatically creates and categorizes an expense entry, it even itemizes hotel bills.

Expense reporting is about to get a whole lot easier for everyone. Thanks to ExpenseIt from Concur, the automagical expense app that creates benefits for both you and your team by working seamlessly with Concur to turn receipts into reports in a snap. Gone are the days of endless hours entering receipts one by one, following up with employees about lost receipts, or trying to create a month end accrual without any visibility in the prior spend.

With ExpenseIt, your team can now quickly capture receipts on the go. Whether grabbing a coffee at the airport, wining and dining clients, or checking out of their hotel, they just tap to snap a photo, or send a digital receipt to Receipts@ExpenseIt.com. No matter how they capture it, ExpenseIt analyzes the receipt within minutes and double checks for accuracy. For hotel bills like this one, it even itemizes line by line. Room fees, taxes, and entertainment charges are listed separately in Concur to ensure policy compliance. Now, they just review, edit if needed, and then tap export. Then, like magic, it appears in Concur Expense where it can be assigned to any Concur expense report.

ExpenseIt does things no other app can, like match expense types to Concur expense categories, and reconcile with credit card charges to avoid duplication. Speaking of credit cards, American Express corporate cardholders can receive reminders to capture their receipts with ExpenseIt whenever they swipe their Amex cards. This reminder also acts as an early warning of potential fraudulent activity if your employee's credit card number has been hacked. ExpenseIt gives you a more timely and accurate picture of spend as it happens, an efficient accrual process, and a more productive and happier team.

Expense reporting is now a matter of snap, export, done. Oh, and a big sigh of relief for you and your team. Visit Concur.com/ExpenseIt for more details