Concur Travel Software Overview (2:32)

Concur's travel software helps you manage the corporate travel booking process from beginning to end. It can be used by itself or integrated with expense tracking. Together they make up a single service that helps you save time and improve control. As you book your travel Concur accesses your profile and searches for criteria through global distribution systems, direct connect providers, and the web. You'll see all the results that meet your criteria, as well as additional choices that fit within your corporate policy. You can quickly and easily modify your search, sliders and drop down lists help you adjust time frames as you book flights or rail, and visual cues help ensure you adhere to company policy.

It's easy to find a hotel. Find one based on distance from the airport, a company location, an address, or other reference points. Then see hotels in comparison to each other with Bing Maps integration. Make car reservations based on your company's preferred providers and your personal preferences. Save time tracking down expenses. E-receipts let's suppliers send the entire record of a transaction directly into the expense report. When you see the e-receipt icon you know this information is accurate. Click reserve and Concur immediately books your reservation and builds your itinerary.

At this point you can also add airport transportation or parking options, included with your company's negotiated deals. Changes you make to any segment of your travel itinerary are updated in your travel schedule and your expense report. You can also book and complete in policy air, car, and hotel reservations directly from your mobile device. The Concur Mobile Solution lets you manage all your reservations giving you flexibility on the go. TripIt and Concur work together seamlessly so all of your business and personal trips are in one place with useful tools like maps and directions. And with TripIt Pro you can receive instant email or text message alerts about flight delays, cancellation, gate changes, baggage claim information and more, right to your phone as you travel.

At the end of your trip completing your expense report is simple. Your itinerary, car charges, and e-receipts are automatically added to your expense report. Streamlined, accurate, and easy to use, Concur's travel software keeps you organized, updated, and worry-free from beginning to end.