Take T&E (and invoice!) into the digital era

Exciting opportunities in T&E, Concur named the market share leader by IDC

The digital era has changed modern finance, so financial leaders must embrace modern T&E solutions strategically to drive growth and innovation. Finding solutions that meet employees where they are and are also easy to implement are key.

In 2016, the T&E market reached $1.55B, of which Concur owns ~55%. In fact, according to IDC, “Concur continues to be the unquestionable leader in the travel and expense management software market.”

Today’s market for T&E management software is being driven by:

• cloud technology

• user mobility

• modern travel and expense platforms

• business travel in emerging markets

Interestingly, IDC also notes that T&E now includes invoice – bringing together the trinity of spend so that there’s increased visibility into all aspects of spend management.

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