Oxford Economics: Small and Mid-Size Companies Can Boost Performance Through Finance

Companies with less than €1 billion in annual revenue have inherent advantages. Small and mid-size companies are often more innovative and agile than their larger competitors. They can leverage the talents of their smaller workforce more readily. They can seize new opportunities quickly, without having to dismantle large bureaucracies or legacy systems. This means the finance function at these companies has ample opportunities to increase efficiency, boost performance, and become a strategic partner.

However, executives at smaller companies may more easily become swamped with day-to-day tasks that a bigger organization has automated or outsourced. They may not be taking advantage of modern technology, tools, and techniques that can free their finance teams to become a more strategic driver of their company’s growth. This becomes especially important as smaller companies directly compete with larger companies in today’s flattened, global economy. And as they grow, their finance operation will need to run effectively and efficiently at scale. 

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